DWIM Perl for Windows is a Strawberry Perl derivative for Windows
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  • Clipboard doesn't work in this program.
    There are programs that are developed for Windows OS, that don't allow Clipboard functions. Like the Command Prompt from Windows (which doesn't support the Paste process through the key combination Ctrl + V) the DwimPerl application doesn't support this kind of actions. In this matter, you can always use a third party tool that will allow you to perform copy / paste actions. In this matter, I suggest to look into the Software Informer's database for a solution.


DWIM Perl for Windows is a Strawberry Perl derivative for Windows. It contains everything you will need for your Perl development.


-Strawberry Perl RC
-A large part of Task::Kensho, a list of recommended packages.
-Padre, the Perl IDE 0.94.
-Module::Version 0.12 so you can use mversion to check which version of each module you have.
-Moose 2.0402, the post modern Object System.
-Dancer 1.3092 to build a light-weight web application.
-Plack and plackup 0.9985 to serve your web pages.
-Perl::Critic 1.117, to police yourself.
-Perl::Tidy 20101217, to keep your code nice.
-DateTime 0.72 to make it easy to deal with dates and time.
-SQLite 1.35, to hold your data tight.
-MySQL 4.020, PostgreSQL 2.18.1 and DBD::ODBC 1.31 drivers.
-Lots of additional modules

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